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Here is an excellent vintage bootleg with great performances by the Beatles. Recommended for fans. Please enjoy, share with friends and please seed :) > i cant do it all alone! You can help by keeping this music alive :) I really want to share more rare stuff that is not available in shops, but i need your help to keep my collection alive for all, now over 1600 concerts still available for you! Stuff like this needs to be preserved for future generations of music lovers. Thanks to all the peers from everywhere seeding my huge archive, i love you! Look for my music archive here: ======================================================== The Beatles - TV Tapes Volume 3 (DVD) Publisher: Silent Sea Reference :ssdv.007 Date :2004 Made In :USA Quality :Very Good Booklet & packaging : Total duration: 92 min Television appearances: February - April 1964 1) Big Night Out - February 23, 1964 2) Ready, Steady, Go! - March 30, 1964 3) The Ed Sullivan Show - April 17, 1964 4) Around The Beatles - April 28, 1964 Menu: Yes Chapters: Yes Artwork: Yes Video: compression: MPEG-2 TV system: 525/60 (NTSC) aspect ratio: 4:3 Image resolutiĆ³n: 720x480 (525/60) Bitrate: 22.43Mbps Atributos de audio: Audio codiffication: LPCM bitrate: 48kHz
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